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Week 13 - Word Processing - Multi-tasking


This is great when you want to do something like this set of instructions. I am running several different programs right now (Microsoft Works for the word processing and spell check, I’m online adding this info to the school website, I’m playing Solitaire while I wait for the website info to upload, and I'm printing a document -- 4 programs are running simultaneously). I have, several times switched between these tasks (multi-tasking) and will continue to do so until I’ve finished these instructions.

Multi-tasking is NOT great when you don’t need to run multiple programs. And kids tend to do this ALL THE TIME (not on purpose). And this is NOT good. Good educational software tends to have a lot of great graphics and animation and these take up a lot of memory. If the kids accidently multi-task the computer is likely to 'hang up' or 'freeze'.

You’ll know when you, or the kids, are multi-tasking because when you close the program you’ll see which other programs are running at the bottom bar on the desktop. To get rid of them, click on the program name (on the bottom bar) and then close it properly. Continue this until they are all “gone” from the bottom bar. Windows 98 comes from the factory with all sorts of gizmos always on that bottom bar. You don't want to close these -- just the programs that someone at your computer opened.

Remember that just because you don't SEE the program running does NOT mean that it is not running. When the kids use the computer, check every so often to see if they are accidently mult-tasking. If they are, then follow the instructions above.
Demonstration of how to use Toolbars and Text Boxes

Writing Lab Information--10 Things You Need to Know:

1. I HAVE CREATED FOLDERS on the desktops in the Writing Lab. They are named 2a, 2b, 2c, etc.
Save your work to the appropriate folder.
Do not change the name of the folder.

For each section of the Writing Lab (for each 'table') you will find 3 containers of floppy disks. The containers are marked 3 or 4 computer numbers. The container closest to your computer will contain your disk. Use the following colored disks:
2nd grade=green
3rd grade= blue
4th grade=yellow
5th grade=red.

Get a disk of the appropriate color, get a blank label from the container, attach the label, and write your FULL NAME & HOMEROOM NUMBER. Before you leave the Writing Lab, save your work to your disk and place the disk back into the container.

3. There are 36 computers in the Writing Lab. This means that there is at least ONE EXTRA computer.
If your computer is NOT working properly, use the extra computer.

4. There are 3 laptop computers. 2nd graders should not use these.
IF you are assigned to one of these laptops, I will show you how to use it.

5. Most computers will print to the printer in your section.
SOME computers are marked “PRINTS TO #36”. If you have one of these computers you will pick up your printed documents at the DESKTOP computer near the door next to the office.
SOME computers are marked “USE PRINT SERVER”. If you have one of these computers you will save your work to your floppy disk, take the floppy over to the LAPTOP near the door next to the office, open your document, print it from the laptop, and pick it up from the printer next to the laptop. That printer has a sign above it which says “Print Server”.

6. You will find paper next to each printer. If the printer runs out of paper, the top printer light will blink and your document will not print until you add paper and the press the blinking light.

7. Nineteen (19) computers are marked with an “I”. This means that it is Internet Accessible. You are NOT to use the Internet in the Writing Lab unless your teacher tells you to do this. If she does, go to “Start”, “Programs”, “Internet Explorer”.

8. There is a LOST & FOUND box at the end of the row by the door near the office. Place things that people have left in this box. If you left something in the Writing Lab, look in this box to find it.

9. You don't talk while you do writing assignments in your classroom. There is no need to talk while doing writing assignments in the Writing Lab--unless you teacher gives you permission to talk.



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