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Week 2 - Review of Expectations--Open/Close Programs--Internet: History of Computers

1. Review of Computer Class Expectations

2. Word for the Week--Open & Close Programs
La. Performance Indicator # 6. Basic Operations and Concepts
Demonstrate the operations of a computer

These instructions apply to computers running Windows 95/98/2000.

Opening Programs:

There are 2 ways to do this.

1. Click on an icon (picture) that appears on the screen every time you boot up, then press
the “Enter” key.

Be patient while the program loads. DON’T keep clicking and entering or you’ll wind up
running the same program several times which may cause the computer to “hang up” or
“freeze”. This is not a terrible situation but one you want to avoid.

2. The second way to open programs is to click on “Start”, then “Programs”, then the
program you want to run.

There are many programs which do not appear on the “desktop” (the initial screen after
booting up) that you may want to run but can't see unless you use this 2nd method.

Closing Programs:

Click on the “X” that appears at the upper right top corner of the “window”. Usually you’ll
get a prompt that “Are you sure.....” click “Yes”.

If there is no “window” (full screen mode), then usually the “Esc” (escape button on the
keyboard -- upper top left corner) will do the trick.

3. Websites of the Week -
La. Performance
Indicator # 5. Social, Ethical, and Human Issues
Recognize the importance of
information technology and its effect on the workplace and society.

Ms. Campanella's Online Quiz--Computer History

Ms. Campanella's Trackstar--Computer

Ms. Campanella'sTrackstar--ComputerHistory'< br>

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