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Week 34 - Power Point - Get Out of being Hung Up/Frozen

If your computer fails to respond to your clicks you're “hung up” and the computer won’t
respond to anything. Try holding the “Ctrl” (Control key at the bottom left corner of the
keyboard) while holding down the “Alt” (Alternate key -- 2 keys to the right of the “Ctrl”,
and hit the “Del” (Delete key -- bottom right hand corner). You’ll see the “Close Program”
prompt. Click on the name of the program that’s hung up and then click on 'End Task'.
they’ll be a prompt asking if you’re sure -- almost anytime you see this prompt you’ll click
on 'Yes'

As a last resort, you may need to 're-boot'. If all else fails and you are truely stuck then
simply press the reset button on the front of the computer. The computer will start all over
and will then run 'Scan Disk' (blue screen/yellow writing. This is not a terrible thing, and in
fact it protects your files from damage. Just agree with it (click 'yes' to every prompt). If it
it asks if you want to save files say 'skip...'.

Sometimes after you re-boot after getting hung up the computer will restart in 'Safe-mode'.
My best advice is to restart it again and hope that it comes up in normal mode. If not, no
problem. Just answer any questions that might come up.
8th Grade survey --

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