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Week 30 - Power Point - Add Sound & Video - Input/Output Devices

Input/Output Devices

These mean exactly what you might think they mean. They are devices which are used to
either “put information into” or “get information out of” the

We commonly call ALL of the most common components of a computer
system a “COMPUTER” as in “Our family will get a new COMPUTER for
Christmas”. If your family is getting a new COMPUTER then they will
ONLY get the electronic “box”*. They will NOT get a keyboard, mouse,
monitor, speakers, printer, modem, etc.

What we really mean when we say that we’re getting a new “computer” is
that we are getting a new COMPUTER SYSTEM.

Basically, (without getting too technical*) a computer SYSTEM is made up
of 3 major components:

1. the COMPUTER* (the electronic box).
2. INPUT devices
3. OUTPUT devices

The most commonly used INPUT DEVICES are the keyboard, mouse,
microphone, scanner, & digital camera.

OUTPUT DEVICES include the monitor, speakers, headsets, & printers.

*see CPU

Hands On:

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