The Day I Was Born
Friday, May 24, 2024
Online Project - Discovering YOUR Place in History Since 1999

What will the students do?

'The Day I Was Born' project was designed to guide students while they
research their place in history. But it is a cross-curricular project, incorporating math, science, music, & language arts. It leads them to finding the 'important', the
trivial, the fun, & the interesting stuff that was happening at the time of their birth.

The project contains 12 links where students will discover:

Links to other online activities are included for enrichment or for those speed demon students who always seem to finish first & then ask 'What do I do now?'

You may want to 'dive in' and have your students complete all 12 links. Or, due to time limitations you may choose to use only one or a few particular links (or allow students to choose). Flexibilty is the key--you know best what works in your classroom.

Students will record and organize their data.  An online, printable data entry form as well as a project outline is provided for teachers who wish to use them. The final 'draft' could be a handwritten paper, a word processed document, a booklet lovingly given as a Mother's Day or Father's Day gift, a student produced webpage, a software based multi-media slide show, a video--the possiblities are endless.

You may want to direct students to pick any link they would like to start their research and work their way through it as their interest leads them.

After the work is done, you may also wish to join us in Collaborating . In particular you might want your students to become authors of  The Day I Was Born Online History Book . If so, each of your students will choose what he or she thinks is the/one most important event which occurred on their birthdate. They will then enter it into the "History Book" where it will appear online. See the link for more details.


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