The Day I Was Born
Friday, June 14, 2024
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Printable Project Outline Handout

After you gather all of your information you will write a paper summarizing the events and conditions which occurred at the time you were born. You will use the project outline to guide you through this process.

The Day I Was Born--Project Outline

1. Personal Statistics

A. Name/grade/meaning of name
B. Birthday (Month dd, yyyy--ex: February 28, 1989)
C. Age in years & days
D. Moon phase on date of birth--drawing
E. Viking name

2. Shared Birthdays

A. Literary figure
1. Name/year born
2. Occupation/Accomplishment (plot/setting/characters)

B. Historical figure--New York Times
1. Name/year born
2. Occupation/ Accomplishments

C. Historical figure--History Channel
Use the same items as above (Name, Year born, Occupation, Accomplishments)

D. Recording artist--This Week in Music History
Use the same 4 items as above (Name, Year born, Occupation, Accomplishments)

3. Events Occurring on Your Birthday

A. Historical--New York Times
1. Year/place
2. Description

B. Historical--The History Channel
Same as above (Year, Place, Description)

C. Entertainment--Music--This Week in Music History
Who, What did they do?

D. Entertainment--Music--The History Channel
Same as above (Who, What)

E. Entertainment--Television--Top Shows
1. Name of show
2. Plot/setting/characters
3. Years on TV--How long?

F. Entertainment--Television--Saturday Mornings
Name of show/plot/setting/characters

G. Entertainment--Movies
Name of show/plot/setting/characters

4. Nostalgia

A. Cost of a postage stamp
B. President then and now
C. Vice-president then and now
D. 3 Toys
1. name of each
2. description of each

5. Summary/Evaluation

A. Did you enjoy working on this project? Why? Why not?
B. Most interesting things learned by doing this project.
C. Was the project too hard/ too easy/ just right?
D. Suggestions for improving this project.
F. Additional comments.

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