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Monday, April 22, 2024
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D. What else is New/s?


There's a lot of information on the website you're about to visit --you need to find the cost of a postage stamp.

Notice that for this website you need to use the format MM/DD/YY--which means if your birthday is February 28, 1989 then you need to enter it as 02/28/89. This is what you'll see after you click on the mouse:

Under the heading 'Prices' find the cost of a postage stamp.

Click on the mouse to find how much it cost on your birthday to mail a letter in the United States.
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Speaking of postage stamps:
 Note: When you click this speaker you will open a new page.  Watch the video and then close the window.  For a long time, snailmail was the only way to communicate with people in distant places. Then the telephone allowed people to talk to others who were not nearby. This audio clip from a 1932 AT&T newsreel (a newsreel was kind of like a commercial that was shown before a movie in a theatre ) introduces people to how to make a telephone call using a rotary dial phone--this was before touch tone had been invented.

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